DepartmentPhilosophy and Sociology

Department Chair


Ch. Prof. Hristo Gyoshev PhD


Academic Position: Chief Assistant
Scientific degree: PhD
Education: Philosophy (Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski)
Major research interests in: contemporary philosophy, moral philosophy, German
Additional research interests in the field of: political philosophy, social philosophy, language philosophy.
Teaching interests in the field of: history of philosophy, philosophy of modern times, German idealism contemporary philosophy;
Participation in national and international projects: „What do the words mean? In Search of an Integral Philosophical and Sociological Approach to Language "(NSF Research Project);„Challenges to Representative Democracy Today "(NSF Research Project)

More important posts:
„Truth and Interpretation: in search of the better word“. In the collection of the 75th Anniversary of Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, 2015
•    The idea of "humanity" and human rights. In: Philosophical alternatives, no. 6/2011
•    The right to justification in an international context. In: Critique & Humanism, vol. 35
•    Structural changes in legitimacy. In: Sociological Problems, Number Extraordinary / 2010
•    The right to justification in an international context. In: Criticism and Humanism, pp. 31, 2010.
•    Rites for the Philosophical Revolution. In: Philosophical alternatives, no. 6/2009
•    Heidegger and the problem of "traditional" truth. In: (Gradev, V., Fadel, M, co.) On the way to Heidegger. Sofia, 2010
•    The Problem of Circle in Fichte's First Reflections of Own Reflections on Elementary Philosophy. In: Criticism and Humanism, pp. 24.
•    Towards the Origin of the Constitutive Problem of Reason in the Philosophy of YG Fichte (Autorecreate of the PhD Thesis), BAS 2005.
•    Rationalizing the idea of a system of philosophy by K. Reinhold and J. Fichte. In: Philosophical Readings Arbanassi 2003. Lik, 2004.
•    The Principles of Practical Knowledge in Fichete's "Basics of All Science" from 1794/5. In: Philosophical Readings Arbanassi 2002. Lick, 2003.
•    Transcendental analyst presented as metaphysics. In: Kant and Kant's Tradition in Bulgaria, Lick, 2001
•    History and ontology. In: Sp. Critique and Humanism, 6/1999.
•    The non-classical ideal of rationality. In: Sp. Criticism and Humanism
•    Plato - knowledge and time. In: Sp. Philosophy, 5-6 / 1998.
•    The Virtue is a Prefrence - Spruce Circle, 3/1998.

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e-mail: hgyoshev@nbu.bg