DepartmentPhilosophy and Sociology


Since its establishment in 2005, the Department of Philosophy and Sociology has been developing focused, priority-oriented research activities. In the field of philosophy, the department specializes in contemporary philosophy, in particular social philosophy and modern social theories, applied ethics and philosophy of education, philosophy of cinema, and in the field of sociology - in the theory and methodology of sociological knowledge, sociology of values, sociology of everyday life, normative systems and institutional practices, sociology of power, law and medicine, social entrepreneurship.

The aims of the department are:

  • to offer specialized and interdisciplinary educational Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Programs, accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, consistent with the European standards and the latest educational trends and academic achievements in philosophy and sociology worldwide.
  • to promote research in key priority areas of contemporary philosophy and sociology. In the area of philosophy, the Department specializes in social and political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophy of language and philosophy of education. In the area of sociology the priorities are theory and methodology of sociological knowledge; sociology of values; sociology of everyday life, normative systems and institutional practices; sociology of power, law and medicine.
  • To develop a worldwide academic network which will enable international student exchange at all educational levels, as well as the organization and implementation of large-scale international research projects and public academic forums dedicated to significant problems of contemporary societies.


Acting Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Guoshev
Building 2, Office 210
Tel.: +359 /2/8110 130; c. 22102
e-mail: hgyoshev@nbu.bg

Director of Program Board Council
Ch. asst. prof. Teodora Karamelska, PhD
Building 2, Office 210
Tel: 02/ 8110 297; ext.. 20931
e-mail: teodora_karamelska@abv.bg

Irena Dimitrova
Building 2, Office 210
tel.: +359 /2/ 8110114; ext. 22101
e-mail: idimitrova@nbu.bg